I was actually born in the Philippines and when I was 8, we moved to New Brunswick, Canada. Believe it or not, I actually haven’t been able to explore much in the Philippines. The only places I visited was La Union (where my mother’s cousin lived), Zambales (where my grandmother lives), Pangasinan (a place where we usually had family reunions), and Manila (where we boarded a plane to go to our new home). I want to go to many places, but I decided to start with my homeland.

1.) Boracay, Western Visayas, Philippines

A Guide to Vacationing on Boracay | Travel + Leisure
Boracay Beach is one of the many places tourists visit. Look at that white sand! The blue water! Just makes me go WOW! Know what I’m saying? But of course, you’re gonna need a whole load of money for a beautiful place like this. Good place to get dark. LOL
Boracay Beach Sunset, Philippines [Time-Lapse-Video] - YouTube
The beauty of God’s creation makes me go speechless.
Parasailing at Sorrento Sunset 2020
You can even go parasailing, which is gonna be exciting!

2. Siargao Island, Philippines

SIARGAO ITINERARY - The Ultimate Siargao Travel Guide | Jonny Melon
I love beaches! They’re like the best place on earth. I can’t get over the white sand and really blue water! Siarago Island is known as ‘The Surfing Capital of the Philippines’. I think the palm trees are really pretty. 😍
dmASIA on Twitter: "How about a picnic at Siargao island ...
One thing you’re really gonna like is the food. This is called a ‘boodle fight.’ Food is arranged on top of banana leaves, then people would gather around the table and eat. You gotta love the creativity. But of course, you would wash your hands. Definitely worth visiting!
Postcard from the Philippines via a private swap | Fruit stands ...

3. Dao Waterfall, Samboan, Philippines

Top 10 Grandest Waterfalls in Cebu – – Travel guide towards your ...
More blue water! This one is not a beach obviously. You get to burn calories as well as enjoy the cool blue water. Plus a great scenery! 3 in 1. LOL. Definitely a must go to place, if you love hiking and swimming.

4. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Palawan, Philippines

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park | Love Pilipinas
Now, this looks cool! You get to go inside a cave and see the underground view. I’m sure this will be fun.palawan underground river in the philippines... | Philippines ...

5. Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines

Walking Tour of Burnham Park - Baguio, Philippines - YouTube
This is a place I want to visit again. Yes, again, because Baguio City is where I used to live. It might not look as beautiful as Boracay or Dao Falls, but it is beautiful. It holds the memories I had when I was still in the Philippines. I remember how I used to go there with my family and friends. We would play around, go boating, go biking, take pictures, and more memorable things.

I just realized that i said more about Baguio City than the other places I mentioned. Maybe because I haven’t been to those places. Anyway, moving on…

6. Aqua Planet, Pampanga, Philippines

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aqua Planet - When In Manila
I love water parks! I’ve only been to I think a couple water parks and it was great, except for the crowd. The water parks I’ve been to had pretty big slides, but how much more exciting would it be if there were bigger slides. I think water parks are really fun especially when you’re with your friends. AQUA PLANET: Is it Worth It?! (A Review) β€’ Our Awesome Planet

7. Eden Nature Park, Davao City, Philippines

Eden Nature Park - Picture of Eden Nature Park & Resort, Davao ...
Once in a while, it’s good to take a rest from those noisy cities and traffic and just enjoy the nature. In Eden Nature Park, there are many fun things to do, other than walking.
EDEN Nature Park and Resort I DARE TO EXPERIENCE SKY RIDES! - YouTube
You could go sky cycling, which is really cool. You could also go skydiving (I really want to try this), horseback riding, and try the Bamboo Maze.

8. Maginhawa Food Park & Art in Island, Quezon City, Philippines

Philippines: Art in Island - Largest 3D Museum in Asia | Seek the ...
I appreciate art once in a while. It would be nice to try something new. I’ve never been gone to an art museum (I’ve been wanting to). This museum is really cool because it’s 3D.
Food parks in Manila: Where to find the best tacos, seafood ...
There are a lot of food parks in the Philippines, and they’re really famous. I wanna go here simply because there’s food. I love food! Who wouldn’t?! And I really like trying out new food.

These are just some of the places I want to go to in the Philippines. And I’m sorry for not giving you much detail about those places, I honestly didn’t know what to say about them. πŸ˜… Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to visit some of these places (if not some, then at least one) when we go for vacation in the Philippines. They looked really fun actually! I hope you enjoyed reading these! Thank you!

What places do you wanna visit? πŸ€”πŸ˜

And it ends here. ✈

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